Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NSF Social, Behavioral and Economic Directorate suggests ICPSR for data archiving

The much anticipated NSF guidelines on data management were released earlier this week.  One highlight (especially for those of us working at ICPSR) is that the NSF explicitly recognizes ICPSR as a good option for archiving quantitative social science data.

The SBE Directorate supplements agency-wide guidelines with some of its own, and has this to say:

Quantitative Social and Economic Data Sets 
For appropriate data sets, researchers should be prepared to place their data in fully cleaned and documented form in a data archive or library within one year after the expiration of an award. Before an award is made, investigators will be asked to specify in writing where they plan to deposit their data set(s). This may be the Inter-University Consortium for Politicaland Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan, but other public archives are also available. The investigator should consult with the program officer about the most appropriate archive for any particular data set.

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