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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it April already?

Things are really humming at ICPSR these days.  I've been so busy with a new grant application, the recent Council meeting, a major infrastructure project, and more that I've been neglecting the blog.  I hope to take care of that oversight very soon, and plan to queue up several more posts tomorrow.  But for now...

I gave a talk at ICPSR yesterday on "the cloud."  I used Prezi for creating and playing the "slides," and you can find a link to a copy of it here.  And I will also embed it here:

I used the iPad 2 to play the presentation, and I think it worked pretty well.  The Prezi iPad app does not support video or audio at this time, and that meant I could not include a few clips I had planned to use.  If the Prezi guys can fix this up, I think Prezi and the iPad will be my new main platform for giving talks.

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