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Friday, July 15, 2011

TRAC: B6.2: Recording access metadata

B6.2 Repository has implemented a policy for recording all access actions (includes requests, orders etc.) that meet the requirements of the repository and information producers/depositors.

A repository need only record the actions that meet the requirements of the repository and its information producers/depositors. This may mean that little or no information is recorded about access. That is acceptable if the repository can demonstrate that it does not need to do more. Some repositories may  want information about what is being accessed, but not about the users. Others may need much more detailed information about access. A policy should be established and implemented that relates to demonstrable needs. Are these figures being monitored? Are statistics produced and made available?

Evidence: Access policies; use statements.

ICPSR collects a considerable amount of information about each access:  who, what, when, and where (in terms of via which of the properties within the portal was the source).  This allows ICPSR to assist users who are having access problems, and to produce summary reports for a member's Organizational Representative or a government agency which relies upon ICPSR to provide access to its content.

ICPSR collects even more information if the content is part of a restricted-use collection.  In this case, a research plan, CV, data protection plan, and more are required.

Because a single delivery platform is serving so many different masters (the consortium of members; government agencies; individual depositors; etc), a single policy may not be particularly workable, unless it is necessarily open-ended and broad (e.g., "save as much information as you can since you never know what report you'll need to produce").

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