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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ICPSR Web availability through August 2011

I had been publishing these monthly, but I don't think I've put one out lately.

Web availability has been pretty good so far this (ICPSR fiscal) year.  The two main problems we had in July were on our Child Care and Early Education Research Connections portal (18 minute outage due to a software fault) and a slightly longer cross-portal problem when our JanRain Engage service stopped working.  (JanRain Engage is the "social login" services that enables logging into ICPSR's web site with a Google ID or Facebook account.)

In August we saw a fault in our Oracle database server and the Solr search engine, each of which accounted for a brief outage.  And a longer outage with Amazon Web Services US-EAST region was the final contributor to our downtime total.

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