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Monday, February 6, 2012

Job posting - again

We're posting a job description for a senior software developer for a third time.  If there is a recession in the IT business in SE Michigan, somebody forgot to tell our pool of potential applicants.

This position is very much like other software developer positions at ICPSR.

In practice there is a blend of business analysis, system design, software development, and second-line on-going support for the stuff you write.  Building stuff in java to run under tomcat is a must.  Experience with Oracle, Eclipse, and one or more frameworks is very useful.

The main support for this position is our Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MET Extension project.  This is a two year grant to build systems that will delivery video content to researchers in the social sciences and education.  We've had a lot of success - like a 0% failure rate - at hiring people to work on project X, and then moving them over to project Y a few years down the road.  Project X is in this case is MET Extension; project Y is unknown.  But so was the MET Extension project 10 months ago...

If you have interest in the position and would like more info, please feel free to drop me a note.  And here's a short-lived, but direct, link to the job

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