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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ICPSR web availability - August 2012

August was not our best month.

We did a bit better than 99.3% uptime.  Almost all of the downtime is due to a recurring, as-yet-unsolved problem we are having with our Oracle database platform.  The primary symptom is that the database platform stops fielding queries for about 5-15 minutes, which disables our production web site.  The platform does this about 30-45 minutes AFTER it has finished a full export using the Oracle datapump system.

Because our existing Oracle hardware is old and has a relatively slow disk I/O system, we're going to try to solve this problem by throwing hardware at it.  For well under $10k we can replace our five-year-old hardware with something much newer.  Goodbye RAID-5 SCSI, hello SSD.

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