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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Web availability at ICPSR - March 2013

ICPSR's content delivery system showed very high availability in March 2013:  a bit over 99.95% uptime.  We had only two problems in March.  One was a power outage that affected our headquarters on the University of Michigan campus, and we experienced a small amount of downtime as we moved service to our replica in Amazon's cloud.  The second was a 21-minute outage due to a continuing -- but now solved, we think -- problem with exporting content from our Oracle database server.

Here are the overall numbers for ICPSR's 2012-2013 fiscal year:

click to enlarge

We replaced our aging Oracle database server with a new machine which has twice the memory, twice the computing power, and perhaps most impressively, has 300 times the disk I/O speed(!).  The new machine has an array of solid-state drives (SSDs), and we use this for all of our database storage.  (The operating system resides on conventional disk drive technology.)

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