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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Library of Congress Meeting on Storage Architectures for Digital Collections

I'm heading to Washington, DC next week to participate in a meeting hosted by the Library of Congress. Laura Campbell, the Associate Librarian for Strategic Initiatives describes it this way:

The meeting will bring together technical industry experts, IT professionals, digital collections and strategic planning staff, government specialists with an interest in preservation, and recognized authorities and practitioners of Digital Preservation. We would like to be able to make progress on identifying the areas that should matter to those who are responsible for the digital content and for those who are responsible for providing the services to manage the content. We are hoping that we can inform their decision-making in the future, and give them confidence and comfort that they are asking the right questions and can understand the answers. We believe these questions and answers are often common to organizations dealing with different types of content used for different purposes, so we expect that the topics will be of broad interest in the community.

This should be an interesting meeting, and is a nice complement to many related activities at ICPSR. For example, earlier this year I participated in Nancy McGovern's Digital Preservation Management workshop, which was a wonderful overview of the latest news and best practices, and helped fill in several gaps in my understanding of the OAIS reference model. (Nancy is also my colleague at ICPSR and serves as our Digital Preservation Officer.)

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