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Monday, September 28, 2009

More Grant News: IMLS National Leadership Grants

Micah Altman and Gary King of Harvard's IQSS put together a proposal to the IMLS to extend work on a LOCKSS-based archival replication system we started as part of our Library of Congress-funded Data-PASS project, and it looks like the IMLS will be funding it. A nice summary of recent grants is available on the IMLS web site, and also on the Library Journal web site. It wouldn't be right of me to mention the LOCKSS-based system without also mentioning the Roper Center and the Odum Institute as the other key players in building the initial prototype. It was a real team effort.

And while it isn't technology-oriented....

ICPSR picked up its own IMLS grant for rescuing "at risk" social science data. George Alter is the PI, and his project is another follow-on that leverages our Data-PASS partnership.

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