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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fedora Object for overall deposit - example

So far we have seen objects for each of the files belonging to a single deposit, but we have not yet seen a parent-level or aggregate-level container for the deposit itself.  Most of the information we have collected has so far been at the file-level, but what about information that relates to the entire set of files?

For this purpose we'll use a separate Fedora Object.  It's RDF will assert a relationship to each of the file-level Fedora Objects, and as we have already seen, each of them asserts a relationship to this object on the left.

At this time we are using a generic Fedora Object for the higher level deposit object, but it may make sense to create a separate Content Model for it if we know that it must always have a Datastream that contains a history of deposit-related actions.

For the example object we've created the object to the left.  (The object is also a hyperlink to our public Fedora repository.)

The Dublin Core Datastream is relatively empty.  Most of the content is captured in a PREMIS XML Datastream at the end.  At the time of this post the object contains PREMIS which has been built by hand, and so may not be quite correct.  But if the syntax isn't quite correct, we think that the concept is.

The PREMIS is very basic.  An obvious enhancement would be to add additional stanzas to capture the terms to which the depositor agreed to help flesh out the Access Rights portion of the Preservation Description Information (PDI).

Next up I'll share our summary of how we think we will generate a Submission Information Package for each of the items in the deposit.

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