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Saturday, January 15, 2011

ICPSR Machine Room Work

Well, it has been an interesting morning so far....

If you have been trying to use our web site this morning, then you know it got off to a slightly rocky start.  It turns out that an automated database copy between the primary server at ICPSR and the replica in the cloud malfunctioned in a new, unusual, and uncommon way.  And, of course, it happened this morning.  So while static web pages loaded just fine, content pulled from the database was not working fine at first.  Sorry about that, folks.

We're still having some challenges with the index behind our Research Connections site.  Part of the team has been checking into that while the rest has been moving equipment in our machine room.  When the metaphorical smoke clears later this afternoon, we'll have a major new supply of power in the machine room, and that will allow us to stand-up a new UPS system later this month.  And that will: (1) give us more head room when we use electrical service, (2) allow us to connect up some new systems that do not have UPS, and (3) get rid of a dozen old UPS systems, some of which we own, and some of which are rentals.

It sounds like we should be able to start restoring systems before noon today.  I'll include a follow-up post once we're fully back in business.

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