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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ICPSR Power Outage

The University of Michigan is upgrading the electrical system in the ICPSR machine room, and the final part of the project takes place this Saturday (January 15, 2011).  The U-M electricians will need to "de-energize" the machine room at 9am EST, and their work might take up to eight hours to complete.

My team will be on-site earlier that morning to shut down all of our key systems, and to transfer ICPSR's public-facing services to our replica in Amazon's computing cloud.  People using ICPSR's web site may experience brief interruptions in service as we transition control from the machine room to the cloud.  This will take place between 8am and 9am EST.

Once the U-M electricians have completed their work, we will transfer services back to our primary site at ICPSR, and web site visitors may experience brief interruptions during that time too.

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