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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DuraCloud fixity service testing

Our DuraCloud pilot test is going well. We have uploaded a test collection of nearly 70k files, representing that portion of our archival content that contains public-use datasets. (The datasets are public-use, but our licensing terms restrict access to some of these to our member institutions.)

To the left you can see a snapshot from the DurAdmin webapp that one uses to manage content. I've been using this webapp to view content, check progress, and download files. I've been using a command-line utility called synctool for copying content from ICPSR into DuraSpace, and keeping it synchronized.

The image to the left is the right-side panel from the Services tab of the DurAdmin webapp. I've deployed the Fixity service, and am using it to check the bit-level integrity of the content.

I started the service earlier this morning, and it still has quite a bit of work left to do. The processing-status line shows that the service has started, and that it is checked about 4300 of the files so far.

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