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Friday, September 24, 2010

TRAC: B1.6: Communicating with depositors

B1.6 Repository provides producer/depositor with appropriate responses at predefined points during the ingest processes.

Based on the initial processing plan and agreement between the repository and the producer/depositor, the repository must provide the producer/depositor with progress reports at specific, predetermined points throughout the ingest process. Responses can include initial ingest receipts, or receipts that confirm that the AIP has been created and stored. Repository responses can range from nothing at all to predetermined, periodic reports of the ingest completeness and correctness, error reports and any final transfer of custody document. Depositors can request further information on an ad hoc basis when the previously agreed upon reports are insufficient.

Evidence: Submission agreements/deposit agreements/deeds of gift; workflow documentation; standard operating procedures; evidence of reporting back.

ICPSR updates the depositor during the ingest process at two main points.

One, after the deposit is signed, ICPSR generates an inventory of the deposited content, and communicates this via email. This gives the depositor the opportunity to identify any content that was uploaded unintentionally or that may have become corrupted. These inventory reports are generated automatically by the deposit system.

Two, if deposited material is later used to produce an ICPSR study, the depositor is notified when that study is made available on ICPSR's web site, and when a normalized version of the content is moved into archival storage.

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