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Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

It is the season for birthdays and anniversaries.

ICPSR is turning 50 years old, and will be hosting many events.  We launch the year-long celebration at our biennial meeting of our Official Representatives this October.  We'll host a reception at the American Political Science Association in September.  And you can also find us in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace during this year's American Sociological Association meeting.  And, of course, there is our nifty new ICPSR@50 web site.

And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

My tenure as the IT leader at ICPSR will turn 10 years old this fall.  Since 2002 the size of the software development team, which spends most of its effort building content delivery systems for grants, contracts, and our membership business, expanded from two to eight.  The number of servers - real and virtual - has expanded from two to two dozen (real) and two dozen (virtual).  The amount of disk storage available has increased from less than 1TB to over 100TB (and even more if we count off-site archival storage locations where the storage is managed by someone else). ICPSR has moved into social networking, cloud computing, disk-based archival storage for preservation, and virtualized access for sensitive data.  It has been a very exciting time!

And, finally, the tech@ICPSR blog turns 200 (posts) with this entry.

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