Friday, August 26, 2011

TRAC: B6.8: Generating correct DIPs

B6.8 Repository can demonstrate that the process that generates the requested digital object(s) (i.e., DIP) is correct in relation to the request.

The right material should be delivered and appropriate transformations should be applied, if necessary to generate the DIP. A simple example is that if the repository stores TIFF images but delivers JPEGS, the conversion should be shown to be correct to whatever standards seem appropriate. If the repository offers delivery as JPEG or PNG, the user should receive the format requested. Many repositories may apply more complex transformations to generate DIPs from AIPs.

Evidence: System design documents; work instructions (if DIPs involve manual processing); process walkthroughs; logs of orders and DIP production.

As described in last week's post, humans produce our DIPs, and the DIPs are reviewed before they are released to the public.

It seems if people were getting the wrong format of an item from our web site (e.g., went to download a dataset in Stata format, but SPSS showed up instead), they would let us know.  Loudly. :-)

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