Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ICPSR Web Availability - February 2012

Things looked much better in February than January.  Chart?  Chart.

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The big difference this month is that we didn't perform a major upgrade in hardware and software, and aren't suffering from the associated technology hangover.  That said, there continue to be many short-lived (under five minutes) periods where a single element of the delivery service (e.g., the bibliography search) perform so poorly that we count the service as being "down."  Tracking down the root cause of these mini-outages has been only slightly more rewarding than hunting for snipe.

We did make use of our replica in Amazon's cloud for an extended maintenance window in the middle of the month.  The U-M central IT organization replaced our somewhat long-in-the-tooth network gear that connects us to the campus backbone with newer systems.  My sense is that we don't push the network all that hard at ICPSR, but this may change as we begin delivering video in the future.

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