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Friday, March 16, 2012

TRAC: A5.4: Tracking agreements

A5.4 Repository tracks and manages intellectual property rights and restrictions on use of repository content as required by deposit agreement, contract, or license.

The repository should have a mechanism for tracking licenses and contracts to which it is obligated. Whatever the format of the tracking system, it must be sufficient for the institution to track, act on, and verify rights and restrictions related to the use of the digital objects within the repository.

Evidence: A policy statement that defines and specifies the repository’s requirements and process for managing intellectual property rights; depositor agreements; samples of agreements and other documents that specify and address intellectual property rights; demonstrable way to monitor intellectual property; results from monitoring.

ICPSR has a plethora of teams and systems that track content.

Some systems are technical, such as databases of deposits, holdings, and agreements.

Some systems are human, such as archive directors and managers who track content they are managing, preserving, and delivering.

And some systems are a mix, such as an Acquisitions team that monitors content flowing through the ingest process.

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