Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zynga says "buh bye" to Amazon

So one big bit of news is how Zynga, the company responsible for such Facebook games as Farmville and Words With Friends, is building out its own IT infrastructure (zCloud) to host its games rather than continuing to rely solely upon Amazon for this infrastructure.

The obvious question:


Building your own cloud is a big bet:  data centers, racks and racks of equipment, servers, network switches, cables.... lots of cables.  That's a very big investment to make for a platform that's just overhead to your main business: developing software (games).


If the platform is actually your business, then it makes a lot of sense.  In that world the product isn't software; the product is the platform.  In that world you want to own the platform.  You want the control (costs, performance, etc).

Zynga says that it will still use AWS for spikes in service that it cannot service within its own zCloud platform, and so it isn't the complete end of the relationship for the two companies.  But it is still a very big change for Zynga.

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